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Types of Seafood – Part Two

There are still more categories of seafood to be examined, with this article highlighting some of the more controversial types of seafood that are eaten around the globe, as well as the Seafood that would not be the first to jump into people’s mind because it is the plant life that comes from the sea. Understanding the classifications of Seafood and their origins will give people more insight into the sustainability of Seafood – as this is not a category of food that can be farmed forever at the current rate.


These are very popular in many seafood dishes and are invertebrates that have a hard shell that protects their softer, segmented bodies. Shrimp and prawns are the first for this category, which are very widespread and can be found in fresh water and in the sea. Crab is the next subgroup and are often recreationally fished in coastal towns, similar to the next group of Lobsters, there is little meat, but they are both considered more of a delicacy than a lot of other seafood. The final group in this subcategory is krill, which can be likened to shrimp, however they have external gills and more than ten legs. Krill are commonly consumed in Japan and Russia; however, they are much less common around the rest of the world where they are more frequently used to make fish feed and oil.

Other Aquatic Animals

There are other aquatic animals that are controversially consumed as seafood, including dolphin and whale which fall under the group of aquatic mammals. Their consumption is illegal across the western world, however in modern-day Japan whale meat is consumed and sold at a very high cost. Another group that are illegal to consume in many countries are aquatic reptiles, with sea turtles being consumed way back in the fifth century BC. Sea turtles are still caught and eaten around the world, although the act is illegal across most countries, as most of the species are endangered or even critically endangered. Jellyfish are the final group in this category, and are also not consumed regularly around the world, the dish is only particularly common in Japan and takes a lot of preparation. The jellyfish is dried within hours of being fished, and then can go through a preparation that can take up to forty days and is as such considered a delicacy.

Aquatic Plants

It is not just aquatic animals that are considered seafood, there are many types of plants found in the sea which are readily available. The most popular dish by far is seaweed, which is actually a form of algae but is farmed and prepared in multiple countries and has been for hundreds of thousands of years. The other group of aquatic plants consumed by humans is microphytes, with the most common form being spirulina which has had a rise in popularity especially in the fitness industry as a powder or tablet form due to its many supposed health benefits.