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Seafood Festivals in the UK

In the United Kingdom, seafood festivals have developed greatly through the years and became events you do not want to miss out on. There are festivals happening over the whole year annually and they are usually located around the coast. What some call the United Kingdom ‘a small island’, they do not realize how fine it is because of the freshest seafood all around the country. If you are into seafood just for the taste or if you are a true fanatic about it, you must celebrate the prosperous fishing industry by visiting the festivals. We present you few festivals that you might want to consider planning your trip for.

Scotland’s finest seafood festival, mid-May

Next to the beautiful coast of Scotland’s south side there is an authentic seafood dining spot and with the adjustments made to the bar and the ground, you can visit and enjoy the seafood restaurant. It is going to be worth your time because of the views you will enjoy, and local dishes prepared. During the festival, you can find a lot of food stands around the place and the only problem is going to be that you will have to spin your head about hundreds of food options. You will want to taste every single dish! You will find oysters, shellfish, venison and shortbread, and more food you can think of. Additionally, there are many food lectures and workshops to improve your skill and knowledge about cooking seafood. Live music will make the festival even more exciting!

Seafood festival at Dorset, the start of July

The festival started way back in 2008 and from then, the popularity led to the increase of visitors every year and the festival itself expanded to hold more activities and food stands. With the help of an iPhone application, guests can plan their schedule throughout the weekend and see useful information such as maps, food stands locations and a list of activities. The main stage holds a lot of different events and invites people to participate in games and even fish auctions. You can find any seafood you want in the festival and try out samples of saffron-soaked crab or fish fingers.

Oyster festival in Cornwall, mid-July

The festival held in Cornwall in the middle of July is a big annual occasion to meet up for plates filled up with seafood. The main dish of the festival is oysters and that is why more people every year come to experience the famous Cornwall oysters. A year back the festival received a famous sponsor and it is one of the top country’s brewing companies, which let everyone knew pints will be loaded and oysters will be spiced up. If you are there for some good weekend fun, you are not going to be disappointed. There is going to be live music, food competitions and cooking lessons on how to prepare oysters and other seafood. And that is not all! On the ground of the festival, there is going to be jacuzzies and saunas where you can relax and enjoy the fun. Guests are proposed to stay overnight in a camp and are offered a football game on the last day’s morning.

That is a good way to start off your Sunday!