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Recognizing the freshest seafood & storing it

When buying seafood in a market or a supermarket and looking through a glass or a plastic package to see if it is good, there’s a risk you take every time. The seafood and fish in general is a product that needs to be examined by you specifically if you are in need of freshness. You must get a closer look, smell it and even touch it if you do want to select the perfect product for your seafood dish, and also do not forget to store it and keep the fish safe at home. In that way, seafood will remain in good quality. Here are our few tips on how to recognize the fresh & good fish for use and how to store it.

How to recognize the freshest seafood

Fresh seafood is usually recognized by the smell and when you try it at first, you might perceive the smell of the sea. With just a simple scent you can imagine yourself being near the waters and enjoying the great breeze going past your shoulders. This is what the fish have to remind you of. If you think the fish smells badly, do not take a risk and buy it because the smell is not going to change and get better with cooking. 

If you are having a big dinner and you have decided to buy a whole fish, the first thing you can check is if the fish’s eyes are clear and bright. Also, the skin must be glossy and watery with no bad blemish on it. However, if the eyes are hazy and dark, it might still be good to cook but it is possibly not that fresh and it was held for some time on the counter.

For the shellfish, check if the shells of the fish are firmly shut. To find out, try to touch and move one of the shells, if it immediately closes it is in good quality to buy. Of course, you cannot check every shellfish and make sure it is still alive, but you will have a few dead ones in your store cart. Important: if the shell is not still opening after cooking, throw it out as it is a sign that the shellfish is dead.

Tips on how to store the seafood

After you bought the freshest seafood and brought it back home, do not forget to put it straight to the freezer if you are not using it at that moment. It is even recommended to get a cooler bag when you are going to the market. In that way, you can make sure the fish is isolated at cool temperature.

Buy the fresh seafood only if you are planning to consume it the same day or the day after. It is not a good idea to freeze the fresh seafood and use it when you decide weeks after, it loses its freshness and tastiness. 

To perfectly defrost the frozen seafood, you must keep it during the night in the refrigerator. After that, you must prepare and cook it the same day it defrosts. If you are short on time, put the frozen fish in the bowl of cool water and keep it at the minimal room temperature.