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Popular Seafood Restaurants in the UK, Part 1

In the United Kingdom there is a long over 21,000 miles coastline where you can stop by and enjoy the freshest seafood in the country. If you want to try out the different types and species of seafood, have an outstanding meal and especially enjoy the view, you must keep your eyes opened when driving throughout the coasts. Every season of the year you can see active fishermen cruising in their boats with their fishing equipment catching fishes to present them in an early fresh market or providing them to the top-notch restaurants in the area. To have the best experience while eating seafood, you can check the menus if their options vary every day, that means the dishes are organized daily and are fresh. Here are our most favored seafood restaurants in the UK.

Rocksalt, Folkestone

The place and its views are another great addition to the restaurant despite having fantastic seafood dishes served for your taste. While you are sitting there with a drink in your hand and waiting for your food, you can enjoy the cool breeze wind going past your face and watch the sea life right in front of you. Restaurant itself is located on the Folkstone’s harbor corner and is delivering fresh fish to their kitchen straight from the sea nearby. The fishing boats always start in the early morning and meander around the sea to bring you the tasty goods. Also, restaurant’s executive chef Mark Sargeant has an impressive work experience – he worked with the world’s famous chef Gordon Ramsay for over 12 years!

The Salt Room, Brighton

This present-day stylish seafood restaurant The Salt Room provides you with an opportunity to taste the fresh and good seasoning dish when visiting the south side’s beautiful city of Brighton. It is situated in the heart of Brighton – opposite to a West Pier. If you decide to visit it, you are not going to regret the relaxed atmosphere and food selection. There is huge variety of dishes and the menu is prepared to meet everyone’s preferences. You can choose to try out different grilled fishes with diversion of spices, eat a full portion of monkfish or even order mixed seafood plate to share with your whole table. As there are many variations to choose from the main dishes, you definitely cannot miss out on the afternoon meal which involves salmon and squid ink buns with a tasteful British tea.

River Exe Café, Exmouth

River Exe Café is an incredible restaurant brought from the idea to put the dining place on water. The restaurant is floating in the River Exe off Exmouth. When you decide to try something new and experience unique dining reception, this restaurant is the place for you. Fishes caught straight from the river go to the kitchen and are prepared for the various delicious meals. You arrive to the restaurant by a water taxi from the shore and after a few minutes you step out of it on the custom-constructed barge. The food menu includes lobsters, shrimps, oysters and other exquisite dishes you would expect. It is amazing how you can enjoy your food floating in the middle of the river and appreciate the fascinating views at the same time.