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Is sushi always a healthy choice?

Sushi is held as a normal and healthy choice of a snack or a full meal, however, dietitians make claims that the famous dish coming from Asia is not as healthy as you may think. There is more to it than seeing fish and vegetables wrapped in unharmful rice. The meal that looks nutritious is not always a good option for the healthy lifestyle. 

The sushi bits are filled with calories that can reach over hundreds. You might not expect it or think when you are eating the meal, but it is definitely not as healthy as sushi restaurants advertise. The significant problem of them all is quantity regulation. Just a single sushi roll that is made of rice and fish can be filled with five hundred calories or even more. The biggest number of calories comes from nice looking sticky rice. They are not just simple white rice, boiled and put onto the sushi, they are much more. They are usually made with added marinade and sugar which is the main issue. More than that, the sugar holds the most calories and is a threat to the so-called meal. 

North America’s dietitians agreed with the statement which said that if people do not smartly consider and think thoughtfully about the sushi they eat and how much of it they consume, then they are going to meet problems along their way to the healthy diet and daily lifestyle they propose for themselves. If you do not pay attention, you will not add any healthy assets to your body.

One of the professional dietitians mentioned that sushi can be beneficial for a human’s body to get some omega 3s vitamins. On the other hand, people have to be careful when consuming a large proportion of sushi because it can be marked as over-consumption and it may lead to health problems. It is recommended to avoid the sushi buffets where you can eat everything and as much as you want until you are full.  Nutritionists suggest eating sushi that is low on calories – nigiri, sashimi and maki. Nigiri sushi is made with one piece of fish and the whole piece contains only forty to fifty calories. Sashimi is called the healthiest sort of sushi as it consists of only fresh fish with no rice. One bit of this type of sushi has from thirty to forty calories! Maki rolls are made with the fish in the center and seaweed covered on the external side. 1 piece of maki – 48 calories. The pack of maki sushi (6 pieces) does not even add up to three hundred calories! In addition, try to tolerate sushi that only comes with products such as salmon full of omega 3s, avocados and brown rice (alternative to white rice). If there is an option in a restaurant or you are making homemade sushi, choose the brown rice as it has more minerals and vitamins to slightly raise your meal to a healthy rate. And do not forget – try to dodge the offerings from others to eat sushi with special sauces and ones with deep fried ingredients in them. What is promoted to be healthy is not always true.