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Facts about Sushi

If you are enthusiastic about seafood, you might have already tried sushi. The history behind it is confusing and always mistaken, but it persists on staying a riddle for everyone. People who never tried sushi might think why others pay loads of money for a few pieces of raw fish that are wrapped around rice. Sushi is popular in most parts of the world, but it created a big string in the United States of America food market. However, true facts on how to eat sushi properly keep unknown due to the lack of knowledge of how the dish was started. If you want to know the legitimate way of eating sushi, we are here to present you some facts about the cold seafood dish. 

Idea of sushi came to life outside of Japan. Some individuals who talk about sushi originally being from Japan are wrong. The stimulus to create such an interesting dish began in Southeast Asia. Fermented fish covered in salty rice had a name of nare-zushi and it is thought it first spread to Japan and China from the Mekong river. But the sushi we eat nowadays, the exact concept was created in Japan in the middle of the 19th century.

Maybe that is why we talk about it as if it came from Japan?

Sushi first started selling as a cheap fast food in the shops and theaters. During those times you did not need pockets full of money to buy some raw fish with rice, it was held like a snack. There were a lot of corner shops and individual sellers who sold sushi as it was no near the main dish. Nowadays, movie watchers buy popcorn to enjoy themselves watching a film, but back then everyone bought sushi to eat with hands as it was easy and quick.

The wasabi we use today is not the real wasabi you may think. The original one comes from the roots of the wasabi herb in Japan, but not from horseradish as it is usually replaced. If you have tasted the wasabi when you were eating sushi and felt the burning in your mouth, it comes from the plant’s natural chemicals that help to kill the probable microbes and bacteria in the uncooked seafood. Without regard to its original composition, present sushi restaurants use wasabi made from horseradish and mustard and then makes mixture’s color green with additional dyes to look like it is the real wasabi.

Despite the good taste of fish and rice together, the sushi rice was never consumed. The salty rice split into simpler substances was covered around a fish only to create an exclusive sour taste called umami. After the actions of the fermenting get done, the rice was thrown out and just the fish are taken out to use it for food. Also, the rice was used to help conserve the fish and guard from flies. Currently, the preparation of the sushi rice is held as an important detail to make sushi, it is essential as getting the fish itself ready.