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Popular Seafood Restaurants in the UK, Part 2

We continue to present you the top seafood restaurants in the United Kingdom. The first part covered most of the restaurants by the sea and with spectacular views; likewise, these restaurants below are also located by the water and you can choose a restaurant you like based on your own preferences. 

Ondine in Edinburgh, Scotland

If you are into sightseeing old town’s architecture and seafood, visit Scotland’s capital Edinburgh and its restaurant called Ondine. You can find the freshest and the tastiest seafood in one of Scotland’s finest restaurants. The variety of food is very notable and like the place’s surroundings, the restaurant has special dishes for you to taste. The fine restaurant also has to offer great deals involving oyster bar where you can try out many pieces of oyster and if you get in time, make sure to join in on the ‘lucky hour’, there you can test out samples for only £1! Seafood’s saltwater fish curry dish is an amazing satisfaction to all the seafood lovers. In addition, Shetland’s shellfishes with black bean and ginger are a pleasure for your taste. The only tough moment during your visit is going to be when you see the menu – many options to choose from and not deciding what delicious seafood to get!

The Fish House in Newquay

The restaurant’s chef Paul Harwood used to drive around in his old Beetle car and from time to time he went to Newquay because of his passion for surfing. He managed to open a seafood restaurant by the sea and by the surfing school at Fistral Beach. Restaurant placed on the coast gets a lot attention from tourists and locals due to the spectacular location and simple but tasteful food. They get fresh fish daily from the boats cruising from Newquay harbouir and back. The chef has a lot of experience about making food tasty and look good on the plate. The restaurant’s main dishes involve scallops with ham, pepper, dried paprika and crumbs, and prawn curry with coconut sambal. Even Gordon Ramsay have reviewed the restaurant and made great noise about it. 

The Company Shed in West Mersea, Essex

The seafood restaurant in West Mersea is run by a family and has stunning food choices in the menu. The whole place leaves you amazed how great the restaurant is and you can see why. The great location and cozy environment around it. It might remind you like a shed, but you are right – it is literally a shed! What makes the food that fresh is the restaurant’s spot in Essex, it is between the river and the North Sea. When you arrive, you can select if you want to eat in or takeaway the dishes, but be prepared if you did not reserve a table or arrived early – there are pretty long queues to get in. Apart from the oysters, scallops and other fresh seafood, the restaurant is popular for its brewed beer and West Mersea wine. If you check the weather forecast before coming, you will get an absolute treat – seafood platter on the coast and fascinating views.  

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Recognizing the freshest seafood & storing it

When buying seafood in a market or a supermarket and looking through a glass or a plastic package to see if it is good, there’s a risk you take every time. The seafood and fish in general is a product that needs to be examined by you specifically if you are in need of freshness. You must get a closer look, smell it and even touch it if you do want to select the perfect product for your seafood dish, and also do not forget to store it and keep the fish safe at home. In that way, seafood will remain in good quality. Here are our few tips on how to recognize the fresh & good fish for use and how to store it.

How to recognize the freshest seafood

Fresh seafood is usually recognized by the smell and when you try it at first, you might perceive the smell of the sea. With just a simple scent you can imagine yourself being near the waters and enjoying the great breeze going past your shoulders. This is what the fish have to remind you of. If you think the fish smells badly, do not take a risk and buy it because the smell is not going to change and get better with cooking. 

If you are having a big dinner and you have decided to buy a whole fish, the first thing you can check is if the fish’s eyes are clear and bright. Also, the skin must be glossy and watery with no bad blemish on it. However, if the eyes are hazy and dark, it might still be good to cook but it is possibly not that fresh and it was held for some time on the counter.

For the shellfish, check if the shells of the fish are firmly shut. To find out, try to touch and move one of the shells, if it immediately closes it is in good quality to buy. Of course, you cannot check every shellfish and make sure it is still alive, but you will have a few dead ones in your store cart. Important: if the shell is not still opening after cooking, throw it out as it is a sign that the shellfish is dead.

Tips on how to store the seafood

After you bought the freshest seafood and brought it back home, do not forget to put it straight to the freezer if you are not using it at that moment. It is even recommended to get a cooler bag when you are going to the market. In that way, you can make sure the fish is isolated at cool temperature.

Buy the fresh seafood only if you are planning to consume it the same day or the day after. It is not a good idea to freeze the fresh seafood and use it when you decide weeks after, it loses its freshness and tastiness. 

To perfectly defrost the frozen seafood, you must keep it during the night in the refrigerator. After that, you must prepare and cook it the same day it defrosts. If you are short on time, put the frozen fish in the bowl of cool water and keep it at the minimal room temperature.

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Popular Seafood Restaurants in the UK, Part 1

In the United Kingdom there is a long over 21,000 miles coastline where you can stop by and enjoy the freshest seafood in the country. If you want to try out the different types and species of seafood, have an outstanding meal and especially enjoy the view, you must keep your eyes opened when driving throughout the coasts. Every season of the year you can see active fishermen cruising in their boats with their fishing equipment catching fishes to present them in an early fresh market or providing them to the top-notch restaurants in the area. To have the best experience while eating seafood, you can check the menus if their options vary every day, that means the dishes are organized daily and are fresh. Here are our most favored seafood restaurants in the UK.

Rocksalt, Folkestone

The place and its views are another great addition to the restaurant despite having fantastic seafood dishes served for your taste. While you are sitting there with a drink in your hand and waiting for your food, you can enjoy the cool breeze wind going past your face and watch the sea life right in front of you. Restaurant itself is located on the Folkstone’s harbor corner and is delivering fresh fish to their kitchen straight from the sea nearby. The fishing boats always start in the early morning and meander around the sea to bring you the tasty goods. Also, restaurant’s executive chef Mark Sargeant has an impressive work experience – he worked with the world’s famous chef Gordon Ramsay for over 12 years!

The Salt Room, Brighton

This present-day stylish seafood restaurant The Salt Room provides you with an opportunity to taste the fresh and good seasoning dish when visiting the south side’s beautiful city of Brighton. It is situated in the heart of Brighton – opposite to a West Pier. If you decide to visit it, you are not going to regret the relaxed atmosphere and food selection. There is huge variety of dishes and the menu is prepared to meet everyone’s preferences. You can choose to try out different grilled fishes with diversion of spices, eat a full portion of monkfish or even order mixed seafood plate to share with your whole table. As there are many variations to choose from the main dishes, you definitely cannot miss out on the afternoon meal which involves salmon and squid ink buns with a tasteful British tea.

River Exe Café, Exmouth

River Exe Café is an incredible restaurant brought from the idea to put the dining place on water. The restaurant is floating in the River Exe off Exmouth. When you decide to try something new and experience unique dining reception, this restaurant is the place for you. Fishes caught straight from the river go to the kitchen and are prepared for the various delicious meals. You arrive to the restaurant by a water taxi from the shore and after a few minutes you step out of it on the custom-constructed barge. The food menu includes lobsters, shrimps, oysters and other exquisite dishes you would expect. It is amazing how you can enjoy your food floating in the middle of the river and appreciate the fascinating views at the same time.

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Types of Seafood – Part Two

There are still more categories of seafood to be examined, with this article highlighting some of the more controversial types of seafood that are eaten around the globe, as well as the Seafood that would not be the first to jump into people’s mind because it is the plant life that comes from the sea. Understanding the classifications of Seafood and their origins will give people more insight into the sustainability of Seafood – as this is not a category of food that can be farmed forever at the current rate.


These are very popular in many seafood dishes and are invertebrates that have a hard shell that protects their softer, segmented bodies. Shrimp and prawns are the first for this category, which are very widespread and can be found in fresh water and in the sea. Crab is the next subgroup and are often recreationally fished in coastal towns, similar to the next group of Lobsters, there is little meat, but they are both considered more of a delicacy than a lot of other seafood. The final group in this subcategory is krill, which can be likened to shrimp, however they have external gills and more than ten legs. Krill are commonly consumed in Japan and Russia; however, they are much less common around the rest of the world where they are more frequently used to make fish feed and oil.

Other Aquatic Animals

There are other aquatic animals that are controversially consumed as seafood, including dolphin and whale which fall under the group of aquatic mammals. Their consumption is illegal across the western world, however in modern-day Japan whale meat is consumed and sold at a very high cost. Another group that are illegal to consume in many countries are aquatic reptiles, with sea turtles being consumed way back in the fifth century BC. Sea turtles are still caught and eaten around the world, although the act is illegal across most countries, as most of the species are endangered or even critically endangered. Jellyfish are the final group in this category, and are also not consumed regularly around the world, the dish is only particularly common in Japan and takes a lot of preparation. The jellyfish is dried within hours of being fished, and then can go through a preparation that can take up to forty days and is as such considered a delicacy.

Aquatic Plants

It is not just aquatic animals that are considered seafood, there are many types of plants found in the sea which are readily available. The most popular dish by far is seaweed, which is actually a form of algae but is farmed and prepared in multiple countries and has been for hundreds of thousands of years. The other group of aquatic plants consumed by humans is microphytes, with the most common form being spirulina which has had a rise in popularity especially in the fitness industry as a powder or tablet form due to its many supposed health benefits.