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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Popular Seafood Restaurants in the UK, Part 2

We continue to present you the top seafood restaurants in the United Kingdom. The first part covered most of the restaurants by the sea and with spectacular views; likewise, these restaurants below are also located by the water and you can choose a restaurant you like based on your own preferences.  Ondine in Edinburgh, Scotland […]


Recognizing the freshest seafood & storing it

When buying seafood in a market or a supermarket and looking through a glass or a plastic package to see if it is good, there’s a risk you take every time. The seafood and fish in general is a product that needs to be examined by you specifically if you are in need of freshness. […]


Popular Seafood Restaurants in the UK, Part 1

In the United Kingdom there is a long over 21,000 miles coastline where you can stop by and enjoy the freshest seafood in the country. If you want to try out the different types and species of seafood, have an outstanding meal and especially enjoy the view, you must keep your eyes opened when driving […]


Types of Seafood – Part Two

There are still more categories of seafood to be examined, with this article highlighting some of the more controversial types of seafood that are eaten around the globe, as well as the Seafood that would not be the first to jump into people’s mind because it is the plant life that comes from the sea. […]